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Who We Are!!

Drexel  Parrots Farm

We would like to introduce ourself as the most reputed, acknowledged, renowned, innovative organization in pets world. with an excellent track record & never ending list of mare than 5,000 satisfied clients all across Hungary and rest of Europe.

Gabor Parrots Farm is the pioneer to introduce Pets boutique range of exotic birds and fertile eggs .We has the most exquisite range of Birds and Parrots grooming products. Especially made to fulfill minutest personal care of tour loving Pets.Our Business line caters all the Need of a prospected pet lover with all after sale services for your birds and eggs. Our respective clients includes a Common Layman to the President. We have officially procured our Birds Products in Hungary, Europe, Worldwide & to various governmental & Private Institutions. Drexel Parrots Farm has become the most renowned & acclaimed brand with love of endless people.


Welcome to our site. As a family, we have loved, cared, breed, and lived with different kinds of pet Birds for over 10 years, quite an experience.

We do not consider ourselves concerned with earning money. All our baby birds are raised at our  farm in Poland,The environment making our pets completely at ease with other pets. We hand raise and tame all of our birds. They are harness trained which allows them to be taken for a walk in the garden. Each pet has a health certificate and Manual booklet containing all the information needed to ensure a proper adjustment an enjoyable, healthy and stress-free stay in their new homes. Our parrots and Fertile Eggs make the ultimate companion and perfect pet.

All birds are breed in a disease-free Biosecure breeding sanctuary. They are well socialized, having been raised in our farm as members of our own family in order for them to become ready to be a member of yours. They are quite comfortable around all ages, including the elderly and young children.

Our goal is to help you raise a happy, healthy, and well-tamed bird. We turn away many people who love the beauty of exotic birds and/or want a parrot that talks, but do not understand the intelligence and corresponding interaction required on a daily basis to keep these incredible Pet birds happy.
Our Business

To purchase trained birds for sale from us is only the beginning of our business relationship. As you may know, parrots change as they mature. These changes can bring about new behaviors in our companion parrots. When you purchase a bird from Us, we are committed to offering lifetime support and guidance to you and your family.